Accidents happen. The trick is to be prepared and covered for them

10% of the drivers on the road today have invalid licenses.

75% of these suspended drivers continue to drive.

Drivers with invalid licenses are 5 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash.

On over 55% of the applications that we process for our clients we have found additional information that the applicant did not admit to. Some examples found of this type of information are; accidents, tickets, failed Drug & Alcohol tests, thefts or a reference that the applicant is trying to conceal.

We provide a variety of screening services to cover all your hiring needs, including:
Background Check

An investigation/background check on potential applicants. By cross-referencing the applicant’s current submission with our extensive database, we make sure that you have complete knowledge of the potential applicant’s work history going back 3 or 5 years.

Collect D&A

We obtain previous Drug & Alcohol results from former employers for the past 3 years.

PSP Report

The applicant’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) Report will be obtained from FMCSA on your behalf. The relevant information is entered into the applicant’s report, and you will receive a copy of the PSP Report in full.

Any business that puts people behind the wheel is exposed to the many risks associated with the vehicles; whether it is direct or indirect liability, vehicle damage and replacement, theft & fraud, impoundment and lost revenue. With us providing you an in-depth background check, it shows that you have done your due diligence, which could save you millions of dollars in the case of a lawsuit.

Other additional services available, such as:
Exit Interviews

If you are experiencing an unusually high turnover rate, we can investigate to find the common denominator, allowing your business to address any potential issues that may be causing employees to look for other opportunities. Have us conduct an exit interview with the former employeeto gain valuable insight as to why the drivers are currently leaving your organization.

Referral Program

When a former driver applies with another carrier and that carrier contacts you for a reference, just have that carrier contact us and we will take care of that reference for you free of charge. This helps break the tie between you and that former employee and it also helps us build and maintain our driver database. Our program allows members to earn credits that can be used towards future services.